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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

29 weeks!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 29 Weeks! 11 more weeks to go!!

Size of baby: over 15 inches long and weighs 2 1/2  lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 13 lbs..i think..we go to the doctor next week so we will soon find out

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing all maternity clothes now

Gender: It's a GIRL!! Caroline Grace Cheney!!

Movement: She's moving mostly at might and after I eat.

Sleep: Sleeping ok...just feel uncomfortable at night

What I miss:  wearing normal clothes

Cravings: cereal this week:)

Symptoms: Leg cramps, lots of braxton hicks, heartburn, and I'm sleepy.


  1. Graham is so sweet with his cheesing! Cute dress :)! More and more beautiful each week! Had such a blast yesterday- thank you for all your help and you will do the 5K with us next year! Love you and kiss my boy.

  2. You are so Beautiful and sweet Graham get more precious everyday! I am so excited that Caroline will be with us before we know it.
    Love you bunches!