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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mom's Day Out

Graham has been going to MDO since January. It was a rough transition at first but he got through it. He loves it now and has attached himself to the sweetest lady there. He and Ms. Pat love each other very much. She told me today that Graham has every person at MDO wrapped around his finger, especially her :) He doesn't want Ms. Pat taking care of anyone but him. He doesn't even want her getting up from her rocking chair so that he could go to her anytime he needed. Spoiled??? Anyways, they started teaching his class a few new things this summer. One being....sleeping on a nap mat. I laughed and thought to myself "good luck." For the past couple of weeks when I pick him up I walk in and all the little toddlers are asleep on their mats and where is Graham...you guessed it - rocking with Ms. Pat. When I got there today everyone couldn't wait to show me what Graham was doing.......

sleeping on his mat!!! I could not believe my eyes! We have reached another milestone..HA!