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Friday, March 22, 2013

6 months

Caroline Grace, you are 6 months old!

You are a mover!!!

I'm almost positive you will crawl before you sit up!

Your favorite thing to eat is applesauce. I made you fresh peas yesterday but you were not to sure about that:)
You love to be tickled!
I'm thinking you weigh about 16lbs. We go for your check-up next week and we'll know for sure.

You are reaching for everything! If you are playing on the floor and see something you want you will scoot and roll to get to it!

You take 2 or 3 naps a day and you are sleeping all night!
You are a wonderful baby and we just love you to pieces!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Graham is FOUR!!

Time really does fly by! My baby boy is 4 years old now. He already says he is ready to be five:) I'm not ready for that.

I want you to know that I love you with all my heart!!! I am so proud that you are my little boy! You are the sweetest big brother to Caroline. You love to make her smile and when she cries you say "don't worry baby Caroline...I'll be right there..don't cry!" Sweet!
You are the smartest little thing and very inquisitive! I really believe you are your daddy made over:)You ask TONS of questions about everything! You have a very strong will which is a good thing. I pray everyday you will use that strong will of yours for the Lord one day:)  The Lord has BIG plans for you!

You love superheros! You told me yesterday you wanted to be superman when you grow up so you can fly in the sky:)

You are also the funniest little boy I know. You make your Daddy and I laugh everyday with the things you do and say!

You are loved by so many, mostly by a REAL superhero named JESUS!
 I am blessed to call you my son!
I love you,

5 months

I'm just a little late getting this up. Having 2 kids now and wanting to spend any extra time I have with Jeremy doesn't leave me much time to blog. Oh well-at least I'm getting it done:)

Caroline Grace is 5 months old and I really wish time would slow down. I love this baby stage and want to treasure every minute!

Caroline, here's what you've been up to..

- You weigh about 15 lbs
- You are in a size 2 diaper

- You wear 6 months clothes

- Your eyes are blue

- Some days you sleep really well and others you take a few (very short) naps. You are sleeping through the night

- You LOVE to stand up and sit up in our laps. You really don't like to lay down on your back. You  like tummy time and playing with your toys. Graham loves to bring you toys.
- You are working on sitting up but you're not quite there

- Lately, you love to blow bubbles...even at 5:30am

- You are grabbing everything

- You have just a little bit of hair...I'm pretty sure you will have a head full of brown hair

- No teeth yet, but you are CONSTANTLY chewing on your hands or anything else you can get in your mouth

- You love your brother and you smile so big at him
I love comparing pictures of G and C! Do you think they look alike....???
Caroline, we love you so much!!!