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Monday, December 31, 2012

Caroline is 3 months!!

I am very late getting this up but at least I'm getting it done before the new year!

Caroline Grace, you are 3 months old. I wish I could bottle you up and keep you this little because you are pure sweetness!

- At your appointment you weighed 11 lbs 12 oz and you're 23.5 inches long
- You have discovered your hands and they are always in your mouth (I really think you are teething)

- You are a mover!! I have started laying you down in your bed when you're sleepy and most of the time you fall asleep on your own. You never really cry...you just move around a lot before you go to sleep.
- Since you are quite the mover you have rolled over many times from stomach to back. Some nights I have to roll you back on your belly so you can sleep.
- You have started batting at toys and grabbing them.

- You still wake up once a night to eat.
- You still take about 4 naps a day.
- You are a very happy baby and you smile a lot. Melts this momma's heart. 
- you only cry when you're tired or hungry

Your Daddy, Graham and I love you so much! You have been a great gift to our family!!

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