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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthdays, Beignets, and Graham's First Haircut

We have been quite busy lately. Last week was my birthday and my sweet husband took me to New Orleans for a little R&R. We had the best time shopping and eating. We ate entirely too much but it sure was good. I had never been to New Orleans so we had to make a trip....okay...three trips by Cafe Du Monde' for these famous beignets....

One good thing about staying in the French Quarter...besides the good food...was having to walk everywhere. That way I didn't feel so bad about eating so much:)

Graham stayed with his PawPaw, GiGi, and Aunt Savannah and had a blast. He watched tractor videos each morning with his PawPaw and on the first morning we were all back home he brought me the remote and said "mama...tractors." Rotten!!!! He didn't understand that we don't have the technology that his PawPaw has:) This was the longest he had been away from me. I missed him so much and couldn't wait to see his sweet face when we got home. His birthday is Friday so I've been busy this week preparing for his big tractor party: ) For those of you that do not know Graham is slightly obsessed with tractors so I thought it was only appropriate to have a John Deere party:)

So in preparation for Graham's birthday I decided it was time for his first haircut:( I wasn't too sure how Graham would act but he did perfect. My friend, Mandi, did a great job......



I just Love his curls;)

Oh, my sweet boy is growing up!!!!


  1. LOVE the hair pics! What a sweet boy!

  2. Darling boy!!!! We had such a blast with him. So glad we could all "get our hair did" together. He was so good. Can't wait till this weekend. I think pawpaw still watches the videos and pouts for Grahambo to come back!