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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Field Trip

Graham has not had MDO in a couple of weeks and it seems lately that he is always wanting to go somewhere. His Aunt Savannah has been staying with us and I also kept my nephew, Jacob, today. So I thought today would be a perfect opportunity for a field trip to sci-port ;) Our days go by a lot more smoothly if I can keep Graham busy. The boys had a blast and completely wore themselves out....and me too.
Getting ready to go......

They loved anything that had a steering wheel....

Graham had lots of fun with his "Aunt Nana" too.....

And the saddest part was......we actually had to leave..........

Someone needed a nap :)


  1. Sometimes I wish I could do that too but people would think I was weird! What great fun.

  2. Mom- please dont ever cry when we are leaving somewhere. That would be extremely weird and embarassing.
    Laura- I have had a great time with you this week and its going by way to fast. Love you!