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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh how time flies......

My oh my, how time flies....my baby is 18 month old today. Even though he's my baby..he's not so much a baby anymore :(

One year ago.........
and today......

At 18 months Graham weighs 24 lbs 11 oz and is 32 1/4 inches long. He's wearing 18-24 month clothes and a size 4 diaper.

He sleeps about 12 hours a night and only wakes up if he's teething. He has 10 teeth now :) I never thought he would have teeth...nor hair. However, his hair is finally coming in and it's blonde and curly :) I just love it!

We had is check-up today and they said he should be saying about 7-20 words. I was counting today and I just stopped at 40. He really does talk a lot and will repeat most of everything you say. He loves books...we probably read 20 or more a day. He can point to all the pictures and he can also point to all his body parts.

He knows the color blue, numbers 1-3 and already knows the letters O, Y, and A. Why those...I have know idea. I just try to talk about the colors, letters, and numbers a lot and I guess he just picked up on it. I love seeing him learn :) Just the teacher in me I guess.

His most favorite things to do are play outside and take a bath. He's learning to brush his teeth and feed himself with a spoon. It seems he learns something new everyday.

Graham is so smart, sweet and has the funniest personality. However, during the past few months we have really started to discipline him a lot more. About a month ago we started time-out. He has really gotten better about not touching things he shouldn't. He also knows the word "spank" ....so if I use that word or put it into action.....he knows I mean business. :)

First time in time-out......

So tonight he stepped on one on his toys and hurt his foot. So he picked it up and threw it in time-out. He kept telling it "NO, NO!!" ....

It really was funny to see :)

I love you so much Jonathan Graham!!! I love staying home with you. Though hard at times, it's the BEST job in the world!! I will always treasure the time we've had together! I love you with all my heart!! Happy 18 months!!!!!


  1. He is precious and one of the most handsome boys I've ever seen. He is growing way to fast. Oh, where has the time gone? I know he is going to be so smart just look at his mommy and daddy!!! I love when you post and put up pictures it makes me feel closer also, I love the change to your blog. Please give him a big kiss from Pop and Grams. Love you all

  2. How sweet! I love when he disciplines things like my icemaker door opener! Funny. Treasure it, treasure it! It is fleeting but such a gift. Being a mother is the most wonderful job on earth. Graham brings so much joy to so many lives. We love him to pieces and he is such a "HOOT" :)

  3. Oh Laura, this made me laugh so much. Michelle had told me about Woody being in timeout, but the picture just made it even funnier! How sweet!!