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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Today has been a great day. We woke up to nothing but white outside. Jeremy stayed home from work so we bundled Graham up and built a snowman :) Graham was fascinated by the snow. All he wanted to do is eat it :) Now I'm busy packing Graham's bags b/c he is going to stay with his GiGi and PawPaw ALL WEEKEND!! I know he is going to have a big and fun time:) My birthday is next week so Jeremy and I are having a birthday/valentine celebration this weekend. Can't wait! Here are a few pics from all our fun this morning.

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  1. He is already so sweet! Right now he is mad though because I put him in the bed. PawPaw keeps saying,"He just wants his little PawPaw y'all." I have my hands full with these two! and I love every minute of it. Enjoy yourselves. I know we are.