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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4 months!

Caroline, you are 4 months old!

- You weigh 13 lbs and are 24 1/4 inches long!
- Most nights you sleep through the night but you still get up some nights to eat.
- you are rolling over like crazy!
- You smile all the time and love to have someone talk to you.
- You love watching your big brother and he loves to make you smile too!
- You are constantly chewing on your hands...or anything you can get your hands on...I really do think you're teething.
- You love to "talk" and make loud dinosaur like sounds:)
- You are the easiest and happiest baby EVER!! I am so thankful for you!
- I love watching you and Graham together. Graham is so sweet with you and I can tell he loves you so much!
I love comparing pictures of my two babies:)

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  1. I love our two babies too! Land, she is the sweetest thing. Could just kiss on her all day! Love you!